My philosophy

Creation is everywhere. It's in the meals we eat, the music we listen to, the people we fellowship with, the streets we walk, and so much more. I believe God is still creating and He has given each of us the ability to create. For most of my life I didn't acknowledge my creative side. Now, I try to see creation in the little things: the crafts I make with my boys, the way I turn an apartment into a home, new meals that provide energy for my family, and the photos I take. I am still learning and aim to never stop. My hope is that photos from a session with me will bring your family joy. Life is constantly changing and photos are a small way to hold on to each stage. We can look at photos and remember the chunky cheeks our 5 year old once had. We can laugh about how wild our 2 year old was during the shoot, or the sweet toothless grin of our 7 year old. These are the memories we don't want to forget, and I want to help you capture every wonderful moment.